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Varga-Molnár Mónika

Mónika Varga-Molnár

A registered auditor and tax expert with over 20 years of experience in audit and accounting, Mónika is a founder and managing director of Audit Assistance Kft. She started her professional career as an inspector of the tax authority after which she gained audit experience working for Hungarian-owned and international audit firms. Beside managing Audit Assistance Kft., she takes active part in the fulfilment of audit tasks with an aim to ensure client-focused auditing, keeping continuous contact with clients. She is qualified in IFRS auditing and the auditing of financial institutions, investment firms, issuers and state budget funded institutions and is also a forensic accountant.

Molnár Gabriella

Gabriella Molnár

Chartered accountant, chartered economist and tax expert. Gabriella started her professional career with one of the Big 4 audit firms after which she worked as accounting manager, chief accountant and CFO for multinational companies. She has gained 20 years of experience in audit, accounting and tax with companies in both Hungarian and international ownership. At Audit Assistance Kft. she is also responsible for international relationships and communication beside her audit tasks.

Fekete Ildikó

Ildikó Fekete

A registered auditor, tax advisor, Ildikó started to work in practice as an accountant later becoming a chief accountant, economic manager and controller before deciding to work in audit in 2008. She jointed Audit Assistance Kft. in 2011, where she carries out annual audits as a signing auditor of mostly companies with an international background engaged in various activities. In addition, she also takes part in ad hoc engagements (transformations, transformation balance sheets, company due diligences etc.). She is qualified in IFRS auditing and the auditing of financial institutions, investment firms and issuers.

Varga Tamás

Tamás Varga

A registered auditor, tax expert and certified public accountant, Tamás started his professional career working mostly for his own businesses after which he worked as a chief accountant for a company in German ownership. Next, he joined Audit Assistance Kft. where he has been carrying out audit tasks independently as audit manager for 16 years. Since 2009, he has been a forensic expert in auditing.

Bátonyi Szilvia

Szilvia Bátonyi

Szilvia is an economist, she graduated from the faculty of business administration and management and has an advanced level English language exam. She has been a member of the team of Audit Assistance Kft. since 2011 where she works as an assistant auditor. As part of her audit tasks, she is involved in the audits of both Hungarian-owned and international companies as an audit manager.

Bátonyi Szilvia

József Kovács

A chartered accountant, registered certified public accountant, József has been working in audit since graduating from the accountancy faculty of the Collage of Finance and Accounting gaining almost 9 years of professional experience first as an assistant auditor and later as audit manager. He is experienced in the operation of both Hungarian-owned and multinational companies. He has been a member of the team of Audit Assistance Kft. since 2018. He has an advanced command of German.

Bátonyi Szilvia

Zsuzsanna Pap

A student of the accounting faculty of the University of Agriculture in Gödöllő and an office assistant at Audit Assistance Kft., Zsuzsanna has helped the work of our auditors since 2017. She has an intermediate level language exam in English.

Bátonyi Szilvia

Adrienn Mérges

Adrienn studies finance and accounting at the Budapest University of Economics and at the same time, she works as an assistant auditor. She has a good command of German. She joined the team of Audit Assistance Kft. in 2018.

Bátonyi Szilvia

Mónika Háfra

Graduate of Szent István University, Faculty of Financial Accounting. She has more than 5 years of professional experience in finance and insurance. She started to apply her acquired knowledge in Audit Assistance Kft. as an audit assistant in 2019.